"fabulous style comes in a variety of hues and shapes with unapologetic confidence and authenticity"


About Charissa

Beyoutifully Black's debut collections feature the artwork and designs of fashion illustrator and Girl Boss, Charissa Ware. The self-taught artist/mom/volunteer/business woman has collaborated with leading brands in the stationery & gift industry and received numerous nods for her work, some of which are listed below. Charissa is a multi-hyphenate + passionate creative who creates visual artwork and designs using various mediums with her favorite being freehand drawing using colored pencils and markers. Charissa's intention is to provide bodies of work that embrace self love, authenticity, humor and connectedness.



Beyoutifully Black is a lifestyle brand consisting of an AWESOME team of women from various backgrounds with roots in illustration, marketing and fashion.  The name represents a love of self and a love of culture.  Inspired by our brand values (Empower Women, Inspire Creativity & Celebrate Diversity), we represent the notion that each moment is a memory rich in detail and character and that life is too abundant to compromise the delightful ride with digital nods, generic messaging or predictable imagery. Our goal is to provide fashionable and fun products that exemplify these values while celebrating sisterhood, life and it's many milestones.  


We're also committed to "getting in the arena".  As our brand evolves, we look forward to engaging with our communities, promoting creativity, celebrating each other, and impacting social change particularly in the areas of economic equity, women empowerment, and systemic racism. Stay tuned!


How many conversations have you started with "girrrrrrrrl" or ended with "you go girl!"?  How many times have you asked "what would I do without my girls?" or desperately needed a girls night out!  How many birthdays, holidays, new careers, new loves, new babies, new moves, new break-ups, new diets, new attitudes, new ventures, occasions, milestones, and life changes have you celebrated?  Well for all those times and every moment in between (along with treats for yourself), we've got you covered!  Our unique collection of Greeting Cards, Stationery, Apparel, Home Decor and Gifts feature various hues, sizes, styles and timeless themes to reflect our beauty and our voices.  AND our products are eco-friendly and made in the US primarily using local California vendors and other small businesses. AND we donate to organizations and initiatives that support women in need and Black empowerment...now how's that for guilt-free shopping and multitasking!🥰

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